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So you’re measuring OEE and breaking out some of the losses – do you want to know one of the biggest mistakes I believe sites make at this point?

I believe that one of the biggest mistakes people regularly make is that they don’t measure the accuracy of their data.

What does this mean? Well it means that you are potentially taking action on highly inaccurate data with absolutely no idea of how inaccurate it is! In reality the chances are that your team are fudging the numbers so that they always add up to 100%. If you doubt me do this: Walk out onto the line and discretely observe how many minor stops are accurately recorded by the operator. Look at the tick sheets – how many of your stops are nice round numbers; 1min, 5min, 15min?

Whilst our MachineView and XL800 systems get 100% accuracy on a single asset when it comes to calculating losses on an entire production line even our LineView system which is an extremely accurate fully-automated causal downtime system only averages 98% efficiency on a complex line!

Whenever we work out an OEE number we look for:

1. Completed production

2. Maximum theoretical production

3. Mins attributed to downtime

4. Unallocated downtime

If I ever see an OEE calculation with 100% accuracy then i would lay £50 on the table that someone is fudging the numbers at some point. This is because most manual systems get calculated at the end of the shift – your 4hr of non-production time is assigned to whatever downtime reason codes the team want.

For good quality information you need to know not only how many mins of downtime were captured…but how many were missed out as well.

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