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There are 4 ways of using an OEE system to improve:

  1. 1. Using the display to reduce reaction time on the shop floor

On 55% OEE: typically 3-4% increase in efficiency based on reduced reaction time.

This is achieved through setting up meaningful messages on a shop floor display unit that teams react to in real time. E.g. If you regularly stop due to lack of materials have the display come up with a “low materials” alert prior to the machine stopping. Or perhaps program in your top 3-4 faults and have the unit display a message when they occur to save precious time fault finding when the machine stops.

  1. 2. Using the system to carry out a structured review every 2 to 4 hours

On 55% OEE: The real area of improvement; between 3%-15% improvement through better allocation of resource during the shift.

Every 4 hours your team leader and line engineer review performance for the last 4 hours and identify what fixes need to be made to increase performance in the next 4 hours.

  1. 3. Using the system to carry out a structured review every 24 hours

On 55% OEE: When used with above; between 3%-10% improvement through better planning and assigning actions to anticipated and upcoming loss.

Review how effective the 4hr reviews were, what actions need to be escalated? Which teams perhaps need some coaching or support? What changeovers are coming up and how to prepare for it?

  1. 4. Using the system to carry out a structured review every week
    On 55% OEE: When used with above – between 3%-5% improvement ironing out persistent issues.

Review trended data to identify deteriorating performance and consistent loss. Review chronic issues and set up project teams to resolve.


When all 4 of these processes have been applied, there has been an OEE uplift of between 6-8% in the first six months building to over 20% in 24 months on lines running between 50-60%.

The ‘secret’ to success here is focus; focus on being completely dedicated to creating the processes that will work for you and your teams and not accepting any distraction that pulls you from this.

If you would like more information on how to achieve this, please contact the Operational Excellence practitioners at OptimumFX.

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