Lean Basics

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We are often asked about which books we would recommend for getting more information on continuous improvement implementation in the FMCG industry. Specifically the guy we were talking to had already read The Toyota Way and The Goal, and instead wanted something really practical to help with a specific continuous improvement implementation, something that he could use with his front line managers.

So here is a range of books that we massively recommend (and often send copies to new clients considering SMED, 5s, TPM, OEE, Poka Yoke exercises). These books are written ‘for operators’ and are extremely practical, straight forward, and hugely valuable in any application:

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1. 5s for Operators

2. Identifying waste on the shop floor

3. Mistake proofing for opeartors – Poke Yoke made really simple, a great book

4. Pull production for operators

5. Kaizen for the shopfloor

6. OEE for operators

7. TPM for Supervisors

8. Cellular Manufacturing for operators

9. Just-in-time for operators

10. Quick Changeover for operators (SMED)

Just remember that there’s a difference between knowing the tools and knowing how to apply them. These books make a great start of introducing topics in a way which makes implementing them just a little bit easier.

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