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Sustaining Change

Implement the relevant processes to sustain your improvement efforts.

Explore the various techniques and tools to enable you always benefit from your improvements and never fall back.

Aces in Places

It’s important to get the right people doing the right jobs. Sometimes great people get poor results because they’re doing the wrong job. Get the maximum results with the resources that you have right now.

Auditing Meetings

What gets measured, gets managed! What gets managed can be maintained and improved upon. Auditing ensures that the meetings operate at a consistent high standard.

Developing a Sustainable CI Culture

A ‘Continuous Improvement culture’ is one where both leaders and front line workers constantly drive for improvement, which will be evident from the ‘work habits’

Giving & Receiving Feedback

There is no learning without feedback. Feedback enables a person to improve their performance or to sustain an already effective performance.

Performance Management

Performance management is important to help understand how the individual is performing against expectations and builds organisational capability.


It is key to have a balance of maintain, change and update actions to be able to maintain and continually improve performance.

Success Formula

Information x Focus x Action=Results: Our success formula

IFA is developed by OptimumFX and is our core manufacturing improvement methodology. It’s so simple to use it can be applied to any situation. It’s a methodology that is proven to work!


Develop High Five Teams using the 4 key ingredients called P.U.C.K

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