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Operational Excellence & Lean

Knowing how to continuously keep on improving is essential to the success of the organisation.

Apply the relevant Operational Excellence tools and techniques to transform your organisation and make it more efficient.

5S Roadmap

5S is a method for creating and maintaining an organised and high performance workplace. It is also the basis for improvement programmes, e.g. TPM.

Day in the life of (DILO) Study

A DILO study helps individuals identify value added and non-value added tasks that they are performing so they can improve to be more effective.


Jidoka is a term taken from The Toyota Production System and Lean Manufacturing that effectively means “intelligent automation” or “automation with a human touch”.


A process for sustainable improvement through teams

Line Crew Optimisation

Line Crew Optimisation helps your production line to achieve the best balance between maximum efficiency (OEE) and both direct/indirect labour cost and quality

Planning Optimisation

The aim of planning is to produce goods that satisfy the demand from the customers as efficiently as possible.

Process and Value Stream Mapping

A process flow map concentrates on a single process and a VSM identifies non value added between processes.

Six Sigma

A methodology, philosophy and approach to achieve predictable and stable results by managing, controlling and reducing variations in a process

SMED & Changeover Optimisation

SMED stands for Single Minute Exchange of Die and is a process for effectively reducing the time it takes to change the parts on a machine.


SOP (Standard operating procedure) is a written document detailing all the steps and activities of a process or procedure. OPL (One point lessons) contains the vital information of the process or procedure.

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